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As athletes, it is important to take your own nutrition just as seriously as the nutrition of your horse

If you ask any equestrian about their horse's diet and exercise regime, they can probably recite a list of exactly what and when their horse eats, their in-detail training schedule and how this is changed throughout the year to provide optimal performance.


However, if you ask the same equestrian about their own diet and exercise regime and what they eat to provide optimal performance, you tend to get a much more vague answer! However, as athletes it is important that you take your own nutrition just as seriously as the nutrition of your horses for the best outcome.

Seeking the support and advice of a qualified Performance Nutritionist can help take your competition performance to the next level. This is done by breaking down the science around exercise fuelling to ensure a simplistic approach to being the best you can. ARC Performance Nutrition Coaching is specifically designed to break down the barriers to expert support for equestrian athletes, so make sure to book your free 20-minute discovery call now to find out more.

You put countless hours of training in - now it is time to enhance your performance and gain a competitive edge by learning to eat in a way that will:

  • Boost your energy

  • Fuel your recovery

  • Help prevent injury

  • Meet your nutritional needs

  • Allow you to enjoy your favorite foods


What can ARC Nutrition offer you?


Our bodies really are unique, so it is crucial to find a way of eating that works for us individually. Working with a qualified nutritionist can support in unlocking your full potential. 

Find out more below on what ARC Nutrition can offer you.

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Bespoke support from a qualified nutritionist can help you take your competition performance to a new level.

Group coaching for your squad or team allows you to go above and beyond for your members.

1:1 Coaching

1:1 Performance Nutrition Coaching

With experience in competing in equestrian sports at the top level combined with evidence-based, cutting-edge nutritional support, here at ARC Nutrition we are the premier sports performance nutrition service for dedicated equestrian athletes who are looking to optimise their health and performance.


Having been in your position, we understand the unique physical needs and demands of a recreational and competitive equestrian athlete. We offer bespoke nutrition plans that will help you reach peak athletic performance and optimal health so you are fully prepared for the challenges of any day, in and out of the saddle.

But why do you need nutrition coaching?

As a registered Performance Nutritionist and also a passionate equestrian, my mission is to bridge the gap between nutrition and the equestrian world.

As riders, we often put our horses’ needs before our own. We make sure they get the best care, feed and services to keep them feeling and performing their best. However, they deserve their teammate to invest in themselves, too. Across the spectrum of levels and disciplines, we understand your unique nutritional needs and will help you meet them through our fully bespoke 1:1 nutrition coaching programme.

To find out more about our coaching packages, either get in touch or book in for your free 20-minute discovery call now.

Image by Malgorzata Bujalska
Group Coaching

Educational Group Coaching

Educational group coaching is an effective method of providing support to a wider base and help improve the performance of your team or squad. Having a dedicated performance nutritionist as part of your wider human and horse performance team can bring a new dimension to the support provided. The support provided can range from an organised coaching session, attendance at training camps to provide ad-hoc support or full on-going integration into your support team.

As your dedicated performance nutritionist, I can conduct 1-2-1 assessments to identify individual strengths and areas for improvement of individual's dietary practices to developing evidence-based content that aims to enhance both health and performance. My approach to working with athletes as part of a team looks at educating them on their personalised dietary practices to be able to work independently on their own performance nutrition. 

For more information on what a performance nutritionist could bring to your team, get in touch now.

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