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Make your event or article stand out with the support of a qualified Performance Nutritionist

Expert nutritional advice can be invaluable addition to any company and its offerings. From menu development and recipe analysis for restaurants and gyms to press articles and event support, consultation from a qualified nutritionist can help your brand stand out. 


As a freelance nutrition consultant, Alice has experience in providing nutrition, fitness and health articles for publications, including HerHampshire, Stylist magazine, Glamour UK and Women's Health. She has also worked with a variety of health brands, supporting with marketing and social media promotions. 

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Consulting Services

  • Press Writing around Nutrition, Fitness and Health

  • Event Support

  • Workshop Hosting

  • Brand & Blogger Collaborations

  • Recipe Development

  • Menu Design & Analysis

If you feel that you business or brand could benefit from support from a Registered Associate Nutritionist, please get in contact to discuss your requirements in more detail.