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1:1 Performance Nutrition


Accessible performance nutrition support is no longer reserved for professional athletes 

Whilst nutrition and performance go hand in hand, sports nutrition support is not just for professional athletes. Fuelling your body correctly whilst undertaking weekly physical activity can promote and improve your overall physical and mental health. Eating a well-balanced diet, rich in important macro and micro nutrients gives you all you need to effectively fuel all your daily activities, including physical activity. Whether you are looking to make improvements at the gym or improve your weekly Park Run time, the correct nutrition can help you achieve these goals. 

Seeking the support and advice of a qualified Performance Nutritionist can help take your sporting performance to the next level by breaking down the science around exercise fuelling to ensure a simplistic approach to being the best you can. ARC Performance Nutrition Coaching is specifically designed to break down the barriers to expert support for elite recreational athletes, so make sure to book your free 20-minute discovery call now to find out more.

What our coaching is...

designed around your specific goals and preferences

based on scientific nutritional research

completely bespoke to your requirements

orientated around increasing nutrition education 

​inclusive to all foods and dietary styles

What our coaching isn't...

A generic meal plan

A quick fix

The demonising of 'bad' foods

Based on 'experience'

Template programming

Our 1:1 coaching process involves:

Choose your coaching support package

We offer a range of coaching packages with different levels of support designed to suit both your sporting needs and budget.

Get in touch for more information on what we can offer you.

bespoke plans for all requirements

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Get set up in our coaching hub

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All of our athletes are supported through a dedicated coaching hub, specifically designed for performance nutrition support. 

Find a range of tailored performance recipes and information suitable for your lifestyle.

professional services to support your education

Join your initial


Your initial consultation with a member of the team will be used to determine your performance goals and allow us to begin working on your bespoke coaching plan.

tailored support from day one

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Set the foundations

Once we have set your goals, we will work together on the foundations of performance nutrition and how you can adapt your eating to unlock your full sporting potential.

evidence-based education for your needs

Continue keeping accountable

Following your initial consultation, we will set up a series of regular accountability sessions to keep you supported throughout your time with us.


We also offer email support for all our athletes between these calls. 

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on-going support through your plan

If you are interested in undertaking 1:1 performance nutrition coaching with ARC Nutrition, ​please book in for your free 20-minute discovery call now to discuss you're requirements in more detail. 

Please note, we recommend a minimum 12-week commitment to coaching for maximum effectiveness.

ARC 1:1 Performance Nutrition Coaching includes:

  • Personalised nutrition support

  • Dietary analysis

  • Progress tracking

  • Bespoke supplement strategies

  • Regular accountability check-ins

  • In-app messaging support

  • Tailored support for female athletes